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Leonberger Kennel CRIZLY - Our Story

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

History of Leonberger breeding started in our family in 1994 when my parents Jarmila and Milan Plesko bought our first Leonberger puppy called CRIZLY. We decided to name our leonberger kennel by our first leonberger CRIZLY. We are the oldest leonberger breeders in Slovakia.

Crizly was amazing dog who became member of our family, we treated him as one of us. This big ball full of energy and enthusiasm change our life. It was devastating for us when he passed away. We could not have stayed without Leonberger. As this gorgeous breed is the most amazing in the world we decided to continue with Leonberger breeding and we bought our second Leonberger - JON, and shortly after also KLER. 

In 2011, I flew to Stockholm, Sweeden to bring the most temperament Leonberger ever, his name was QUANTAS. A few months later we bought our 4th Leonberger, AIMEE. This was beginning of our Leonberger breeding journey.

AIMEE and QUANTAS were blessed by our first Leonberger puppies in 2012 and their most successful puppy is AMIRA Crizly, which is the most successful in Slovak Leonberger breeding history. 

We are proud that we are a huge part of Slovak Leonberger kennel history. Our leonbergers were awarded by many championships and won many dog show all around Europe. Our AMIRA Crizly was awarded the World Veteran Winner, BOV on the World Dog Show in Brno in 2021. Please check our website and find out more about us and our kennel experience.

We have become members of The Leonberger Club of Great Britain since 2020 and we took place in our first dog show in the United Kingdom on 13 November 2021 - The Leonberger Club of Great Britain CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW 2021.

The logo of our Leonberger kennel CRIZLY is based on smiling Leonberger behind which is a mountain. The mountain is the best place to live for this gorgeous massive breed. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us, we are very happy to help you:

Have a nice day,

Dusan Plesko

CRIZLY Leonberger Kennel Mobile: +44 77 5777 4557 Email: Website:

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