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Victory Winner SR 2016 - Champion of Champions SR 2016

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

AMIRA Crizly - Victory Winner SR 2016 - Champion of Champions SR 2016 & Champion of HUNGARY

Congratulation to another great succes of  AMIRY  CRIZLY  and leonberger kennel LEON CRIZLY. AMIRA Crizly took part in International Dog Shows Budapest in Hungary at February 16th and 17th, 2017. Both days she got Excellent 1,  CAC in Champion class ( Andrea  Csatári from Romania was a judge at the first day and László  Papp from Romania was a judge at the second day). Thanks to this she finished Hungarian championate and become CHAMPION OF HUNGARY. 

Next day February 18th, 2017 AMIRA Crizly parcipitated in Internationl Dog Show in Bratislava, SLOVAKIA which was called VICTORY WINNER SHOW  -   CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS SR 2016. Judge Sergej  Vanža from Slovakia decided that AMIRA is winner in Leonberger breed and gave her titul VICTORY  WINNER SR 2016 - Champion of Champions SR 2017, she also got Excellent 1,  CAC.

Following day February 19th, 2017 AMIRA Crizly participated in champion class at National Dog Show in Bratislava where was judge from Slovakia Jaroslav  Matyáš and recieved Excellent 1, CAC. We participated at this dog show also with our other leonbergers DAGONGARDENS QUANTAS AT XMAS  and   ASTA spod  Rozsutca. QUANTAS got Excellent 3 in Open Class and ASTA recieved Excellent 1, CAC also in Open Class.

International Dog Show Bratislava, Slovakia 18. 02. 2017

AMIRA Crizly - Victory Winner SR 2016 - CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS SR 2016



18. 02. 2017 - Sergej  Vanža, SK - FCI Judge 19. 02. 2017 - Jaroslav  Matyáš  - FCI Judge

International Dog Show Budapest, HUNGARY 16. - 17. 02. 2017




16. 02. 2017 - Andrea  Csatári, RO - FCI Judge

AMIRA Crizly - Výborný 1, CAC 17. 02. 2017 - László  Papp, RO - FCI Judge 

AMIRA Crizly - Výborný 1, CAC

National Dog Show Bratislava, SLOVAKIA 19. 02. 2017

AMIRA Crizly - Excellent 1, CAC

Dragongardens QUANTAS AT XMAS - Excellent 3 

ASTA spod Rozsutca - Excellent 1, CAC

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