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Winter Nitra Dog Shows January 2019

Congratulations to our CHERRY Lowe von Blumengarden to huge success at International Dog Shows in Nitra, SLOVAKIA 🇸🇰. She was awarded in the CHAMPION class by:


Nitra Dog Cup

Judge: Sergej Vanzha, SK

Excellent 1, CAC



Winter Show Nitra

Judge: Viktor Shiyan, UA

Excellent 2, Res. CAC



Nitra Winter Show

Judge: Tibor Havelka, SK

Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

On 27.01.2019 Cherry won over 15 Leonberger females mostly from Slovak Leonberger Club and the neighbour states Leonberger clubs.

Cherry, we are proud of you and once again Congratulations 😁👍

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